WikiLeaks Dumps Audio Of Democratic Party Voicemails (VIDEO)

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As just about everyone knows by now, just prior to the Democrat National Convention (DNC), Wikileaks did a document dump containing around 20,000 hacked DNC emails that exposed all kinds of corruption within the party, and ultimately led to Debbie Wasserman Schultz having to step down as the Democrat Party’s Chairperson. Eventually more bad news was followed for Schultz when she learned that the DNC will not even be contributing to her re-election bid for Congress. Awe… poor Debbie.

In the release below, Wikileaks posts links to listen to many of the voicemails that various members of the DNC left between one another, and the emails don’t paint a flattering picture of the Democrats either. One can only imagine how much juicier future Wikileaks releases will be as we get closer to the election… assuming Hillary doesn’t have Julian Assange knocked off by then. After all, if 47 former “close” Clinton associates have wound up dead by strange and mysterious accidents, it’s not hard to imagine Assange befalling some strange “accident.”

In the video below, DAHBOO777 reveals that once you begin digging through the voicemails, not surprisingly some reveal that Hillary and Co. were going on cruises, partying, eating every single meal out for $34-$40 a plate, and more. Furthermore, like a bunch of children, the voicemails reveal infighting between various members of the DNC who were literally fighting over who sits next to who at various fund raisers.

Apparently you can’t put a price tag on being able to suck up to high ranking party officials.

The following comes right from the Wikileaks website:

Doc ID Filename Size MD5 Mime
336 (312) 339-0224 (16 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 31.92 KiB 4c41ba11daf18f07d97fe4f886e04574 audio/mp3
1407 (919) 602-6564 (5 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 10.97 KiB 4c459aecd946f6d105bb5be809d8d8fd audio/mp3
1598 (314) 363-5276 (9 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 17.86 KiB 4bc0d9839ea429c2e3b28d03c0b52704 audio/mp3
2038 (212) 751-2700 (12 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 23.70 KiB 0c562085ccfcc0c9e5a553dd3ec570cb audio/mpeg
2739 +1202 (6 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 13.78 KiB 1918bcf0535034acc1911a1a398db46d audio/mp3
2803 (212) 751-2700 (12 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 23.70 KiB 0c562085ccfcc0c9e5a553dd3ec570cb audio/mp3
2856 (202) 907-4731 (8 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 16.52 KiB 6ed0ec341863a7a68804bd3003518b1a audio/mp3
4628 (202) 787-0754 (9 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 19.69 KiB 26ed7640bd2207754e9b52155b08fe94 audio/mp3
8871 (610) 505-0382 (18 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 35.65 KiB d4b3fece2c5461261872fb80347515a3 audio/mp3
11047 (215) 760-5943 (27 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 54.21 KiB 015ae2aecd8a9642af08dc3dc02f6900 audio/mp3
11797 (610) 505-0382 (4 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 9.84 KiB 560c9cbe8c745c9e4b4c1e41584593da audio/mp3
11807 (215) 760-5943 (9 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 18.07 KiB 63fffbf81ef2554e9c26cb8751de6bff audio/mp3
13758 (20 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 78.75 KiB 9af5f02a7b361f7d5edc54f38d1692e1 audio/mp3
16014 (59 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 116.09 KiB ffb6221552bee4ddc176d3c1a0843629 audio/mp3
16116 (202) 282-0116 (1 minute and 38 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 192.87 KiB 6e10ed73b605eab4ead622be0f5f1048 audio/mp3
16171 (202) 333-5984 (39 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 77.20 KiB 5ab4a29f97b03c825bcf7c8e63a3d0b8 audio/mp3
16307 (802) 356-7600 (1 minute and 11 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 140.70 KiB d9d157446577f369c972124949e31d32 audio/mp3
16311 (202) 365-3473 (8 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 16.45 KiB 6609cfc110fa644c8f98be69e63c3b51 audio/mp3
16402 (202) 674-1500 (8 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 16.31 KiB 1d613e13cf4022c4eeaf201be348d1dc

16437 (202) 955-8514 (7 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 14.77 KiB f3403c00e00fd70859b272158724a950 audio/mp3
16460 (480) 451-6505 (56 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 110.60 KiB 13336b6ac36b3031db81dcf242ae2d7a audio/mp3
16484 (240) 481-6100 (28 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 55.20 KiB 80703abe5bc1485043b7dcc5a3ce1dfe audio/mp3
16497 (202) 333-5984 (34 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 68.41 KiB 6094b37d0df432c7b7145ac4cb9d6b31 audio/mp3
16551 0 (40 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 78.61 KiB d6c6e04bb8bd84a64834a6cccdfe1c13 audio/mp3
16607 (412) 576-8452 (15 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 30.94 KiB 4532387b2aa2eb63cafd993740273b90 audio/mp3
16663 (267) 639-5040 (1 minute and 1 second) Voice Mail.mp3 119.60 KiB adf79166334b7f9b6a397a1d49d17ba9 audio/mp3
16801 (301) 529-4681 (16 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 33.05 KiB fe6b033a871fbff8679ece18745389aa audio/mp3
16842 (59 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 116.09 KiB ffb6221552bee4ddc176d3c1a0843629 audio/mpeg
16866 (480) 451-6505 (56 seconds) Voice Mail.mp3 110.60 KiB 13336b6ac36b3031db81dcf242ae2d7a audio/mpeg

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