You Won’t Hear This In The Mainstream Press

You Won't Hear This In The Mainstream Press | Agenda-21-Tyranny-wreath | Agenda 21 Losing Rights US News

All across the United States and the world, people are aggressively putting their elected officials and staff on notice that we will not accept UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development destruction in our towns.  Whether it’s ESEA or the local zoning code revisions, or the punitive code enforcement attacks, or the closing off of public lands, or the restrictions on land use, implementation of Common Core, or stealth smart meter installation, we are fighting back.

Take a look at Kodiak, Alaska, where the residents are refusing to accept the incredibly draconian new zoning code foisted on them by planning staff.  Or look at Galloway Township, New Jersey where residents have gotten active and are saying no to bureaucratic intimidation.  How about our own legal fight in the San Francisco Bay Area where, although we have lost in the first round against the Council of Government/Metropolitan Planning Commission cabal, we are moving forward with our appeal, with your help.  The important lesson to learn here is that we are all just ‘ordinary’ people who have decided to do something.  The great thing is that your life is immeasurably improved by actively working for what is right.  You know it, and so does everyone around you.  You’re an inspiration to yourself and others.   

Here’s a note from an activist in New Jersey:

“I wanted you to know that thanks to your book, and what I and others in my community have learned from it, we are now keeping the Crypto-Greenies on a short leash here in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The Freeholders of the neighbouring County of Burlington have completely thwarted and effectively outlawed Agenda 21 in their community.

The DEP is buying up large chunks of land here in Atlantic County. I didn’t know the DEP invested in Real Estate. Of course, this land is off-limits to the public.

Mourn the losses, because they’re many. Celebrate the victories because they’re few. Agenda 21 is a well-funded and persistent enemy, but the more people who know about it, the more difficult it becomes for these criminals to Delphi our communities.

When a Change Agent or some dupe for Agenda 21 tries to shut me down with their scripted rhetoric, I tell them, don’t bother trying to Delphi ‘me.’ I am entirely immune.

Thanks for leading the charge Rosa. I know it can’t be pleasant up there on the front lines. You are making a difference; one community at a time.”


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