Would The U.S. Government Let Jesus Cure Cancer?

Would The U.S. Government Let Jesus Cure Cancer? | 2uxxy5f-300x248 | Faith General Health Government Control Medical & Health Natural Health Natural Medicine News Articles Sleuth Journal Special Interests In the 1990s, I watched a trial in a Los Angeles courtroom. The defendant was charged with selling medical drugs without a license to practice medicine.

The defendant was prepared to argue that a) the substance he was selling was naturally produced in the body and b) it was effective.

The prosecution moved to exclude such testimony on the grounds that it was irrelevant.

The judge agreed. Therefore, the trial was nasty, brutish and short. The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to prison for several years.

This is how the Federal bureaucracy operates. “Do you have a government-issued license to heal? No? You’re a criminal.”

Arrested Development

I believe that if Jesus of Nazareth were walking the Earth today in the United States, He would be arrested on the same grounds. This would be particularly so if He were curing cancer.

Since there are no government-certified schools that teach how to cure cancer by looking at a person, Jesus wouldn’t be granted a license. No license? Guilty.

More importantly, the trillion-dollar cancer industry survives and makes its money by treating cancer, not curing it, so curing it would be a major threat.

Imagine this extreme case: In a stadium packed with 50,000 people who have been diagnosed with cancer, Jesus waves His hand and cures all of them in a few seconds.

Threat To Profits

Now, He is threatening the profits of many companies — to say nothing of the power of the government, which backs the chemo-radiation-surgery monopoly to the hilt.

So He is arrested. He is put on trial. He opts to defend Himself without an attorney. He tells the court that curing cancer is no crime.

The prosecuting attorney objects.

“Your Honor, whether or not this man has cured cancer is not the point,” he says. “He has no license to practice medicine. That is why we are here today. We are simply establishing that a) He was practicing medicine and b) He has no government-issued license. That is the scope of this proceeding.”

The judge agrees. The verdict is decided: guilty.

Of course, on another front, the major media, who depend for their existence on pharmaceutical advertising, take the ball and run with it. The networks and major newspapers seek out “experts” who emphatically state that what Jesus “performed” in the stadium was mere hypnotism. It was all a placebo effect. Whatever sudden “remissions” may have occurred are just temporary. Tragically, the cancers will return.

Not only that, these 50,000 people have effectively been sidetracked and diverted from seeking “real care from real doctors.” With chemo, radiation and/or surgery, they would have stood a chance of surviving and living long, normal lives.

Superstitious Suggestions

Other media pundits send up this flag: “Many of those present in the stadium were bitter clingers to their religion. They refuse to accept science. They are living in the past. They favor superstition over real medical care. In fact, they are threatening the whole basis of Obamacare, since other confused and deluded Americans may now turn away from doctors and seek snake oil salesmen and preachers for healing.”

From the highest perches of political power in this country, the word quietly goes out to the media: Don’t follow up on the people who were in the stadium, don’t try to track them, don’t compile statistics on their survival rates, move on to other stories (distractions), let this whole madness die down.

In Solitary Confinement

In prison, Jesus is isolated from other inmates. There is a fear He may heal them, too. That can’t be allowed to happen.

But among the citizenry, awareness spreads: The government is controlling healing through its issuance of licenses. That’s how the government is essentially protecting one form of healing and enabling it to become an all-encompassing cartel.

What would be the alternative to licenses?


Contracts are agreements entered into by consenting adults who assume responsibility for the outcomes. In the case of healing, a contract would specify, to cut to the chase, that people have a right to be wrong.

Let’s say two consenting adults, Jim and Frank, agree to allow Frank to treat Jim for his arthritis with water from a well on Frank’s land.

The two men acknowledge that no liability will be attached to the outcome. In other words, whether Jim gets better or gets worse, no one is going file a suit. No one is going to go to the government for redress of wrongs.

The well water may be wonderful, or it may be completely useless. Both men understand and acknowledge that. But they claim a right to try the treatment, because they are free citizens.

After all, women claim the right to take care of their own bodies to the point of choosing an abortion, and the government supports that. So why can’t Frank and Jim attempt to cure Jim’s arthritis without Federal agents stepping in and claiming Frank is practicing medicine without a license?

Ridicule The Cure

Immediately, people say: “This is ridiculous. Water can’t cure arthritis. Frank is cheating Jim. Jim is a victim. He needs to see a doctor. He needs to go on arthritis drugs.”

No, Jim doesn’t have to do anything. He is free. He has rights. Those rights trump anybody’s idea of science. (Forget the fact that arthritis drugs can have severe adverse effects.)

To put it another way, Jim has the right to be wrong.

If government removes that right from all of us, it is essentially saying it knows what is correct, it knows what is true, it knows what we need and require, and it’s going to give it to us even if it has to shove it down our throats. Does that sound like freedom to you?

Perhaps you’re familiar with the recent raid on James Stewart and Rawesome Foods in Los Angeles. Rawesome was a club. People joined voluntarily so they could get access to raw milk. The government wants to limit access to raw milk. Apparently, prosecutors are claiming Stewart has no license to sell raw milk.

A club like this rests on a contract. Consenting adults agree to buy and ingest a product. They assume full responsibility. They don’t care what the government says or thinks about the product.

And you see, that’s the problem for the government. It can’t allow these clubs to spread. If it did, contracts would begin to supersede licenses. People would wake up and realize they have a way to circumvent the whims, wishes and arbitrary authority of the Federal government.

Not a phony way, a legitimate way. A way through which they assert their freedoms and rights.

A Separate Decision

Religion is a kind of contractual agreement. The members agree to enroll in a doctrine, a teaching and in faith to God. That is their choice. It is a separate decision from those made as citizens living under laws of the state.

For some, religion implies healing. This healing can extend all the way to the “sacred state doctrine” of treating cancer with chemo, radiation and surgery. Religious people can declare that, under their faith and religion, they want to heal cancer with prayer or a blessing or through, for example, the presence of Jesus.

I, you or anyone can say this kind of faith is misplaced, erroneous, dangerous, misleading, insane. But that doesn’t mean a person has no right to it.

I maintain that if Jesus lived in the United States today and He went around treating cancer, He would be arrested. He wouldn’t be charged with blasphemy or treason, as scholars state He once was. He would be charged with something much simpler and more mundane: practicing medicine without a license.

And He would be convicted and sentenced.

Because the government wants to protect its proprietary and illegal interests.

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