You’ve Been Scheduled For Annihilation

You've Been Scheduled For Annihilation | Global-Elite-Depopulation-300x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation Human Rights US News

One out of five women in the West remains childless compared to one out of twenty in China and only one out of thirty in India. Such glaring differences have nothing to do with culture or sexual norms and everything to do with the separate methods of population control used by these countries.

Nearly one in four children in the West suffer from developmental disorders, allergies and asthma, compared to at most one in twenty in the developing world. This is not because western children are feebler than children elsewhere, but because western governments were the first to use chemical and biological agents to undermine human fertility and have in the process done irreparable harm to their people’s genetic and intellectual endowments. Yes, our children’s intelligence is affected too, which is why China has a three-fold higher incidence of genius among its children than western countries. Judging by our historical dominance in science and technology this could not have always been the case and explains why we are losing ground.

More than half of all adults in Western countries suffer from illnesses conveniently attributed to poor diet and lack of physical activity – heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer – but are in fact the result of endocrine disrupting poisons deliberately fed to us through the basic elements of life, food and water.

These are but the most obvious results of the Global Depopulation Policy, which I expose in all its hideous complexity in my recently published and ardently censored book

“Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy”.

The British and Canadian governments, tacitly aided by the international community and the United Nations, have imprisoned me five times in the past two years to prevent me from exposing the world’s best-kept secret, the Global Depopulation Policy, the axis around which the new world order revolves. After almost a year behind bars, I have earned the right to say what no one else dares, but the world needs to find out if we are to save mankind from self-destruction.

Since the end of the Second World War and with the formation of the United Nations in 1945, international peace and stability have been maintained by controlling population growth. Unbeknown to the masses, governments have used covert methods to limit births in developed and underdeveloped countries alike and to accelerate deaths in Africa and a few critically poor and overpopulated areas elsewhere.

Births have been prevented by interfering with the reproductive system so as to lower human fertility, while deaths have been promoted by weakening the immune system so as to increase morbidity and mortality.

Population control has been pursued for the past seven decades through chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic means to engineer a decrease in human fertility and thus ensure that no country outgrows its resources and is forced to wage wars of aggression against weaker neighbors that in the nuclear wage would lead to assured mutual annihilation. Population control is a substitute to war and the reason why we have not repeated history and caused World War III.

To force every country on earth to adhere to the self-imposed discipline and multi-generational effort required to subvert their people’s reproductive freedom, elected governments have relied on the support and expertise of the United Nations, which has coordinated the global effort to control population growth and, more importantly, has acted as the arbiter of mutual coercion to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules and no country escapes or eschews population control measures. Elected governments and dictatorships alike have adopted population control measures without their people’s knowledge or consent, and in so doing have subverted the rule of law and bypassed democratic processes, if they had any to begin with.

That is why the Bretton Woods institutions formed at the end of World War II have been insulated from democratic safeguards, sheltered from media scrutiny, shrouded in secrecy, and empowered to act at the supranational level, thus above and beyond the will of nation states. That is why the world now faces an unbridgeable rift between the people, who are imprisoned behind national borders, and the elites, who govern through the international organizations they control. And that is why the rights and freedoms we have on paper are but an illusion, our democracies a sham, and the information we receive is made up of carefully calibrated lies.

Every aspect of our lives is in one way or another affected by this global effort to prevent war by controlling population growth; an effort that is without precedent in both its magnitude and duration, as it encompasses the entire world and is already 68 years old. Now in its third generation, the effort to control population growth has come to a halt because the negative side-effects of the poisonous methods used to achieve desired demographic targets can no longer be ignored, and therefore the methods themselves can no longer be justified. As neither can be ignored nor justified the damage done to the rule of law, democracy, justice and truth by the autocratic powers of the United Nations; powers required to impose its will on reluctant nation states.

The medicine has become more deadly than the disease. It is this realization by the very people in control of the depopulation policy and thus in control of the world, to which I owe my life. Instead of having an unfortunate accident, I am allowed to speak the truth and say what no head of state, high-ranking bureaucrat, or intelligence agent can, due to the fact that they are bound by

confidentiality agreements that are part and parcel of the rights and responsibilities of every member state of the United Nations Organization.

While I am allowed to speak the truth, my reach is being curtailed for good reasons, namely the need to gradually prepare the public to accept, understand and forgive that we have been targeted by the very people and organizations we have entrusted to protect and promote our rights, security and health, but who have paradoxically needed to undermine our ability to have children, and in the process our general health, in order to ensure our long-term security and the survival of the human race in a world of finite resources.

To change course, by abandoning covert poisoning for overt legislation, we must all understand what is at stake and acquire the knowledge and will to look at the world as a whole and make the necessary sacrifices. Neither God nor science can save us from our own ignorance. We can only save ourselves.

If we fail to rise to the occasion, governments around the world will be forced to continue to use the existing methods and most of the world’s genetic lines will be annihilated within a few generations, time during which a regime of global tyranny will be needed to accomplish this war of attrition.

One thing is certain; those who refuse to confront and understand the bitter reality we face will not be allowed to drag down the rest of us. Just as Homo Sapiens displaced Neanderthalers, so will the enlightened displace the unenlightened.

Read, learn, rise and survive.

Kevin Mugur Galalae is a human rights activist and political exile who has renounced both his Canadian and Romanian citizenships and chosen statelessness in protest against the trampling of our rights and liberties in the name of counter-terrorism and radicalization.  He has launched legal action against the governments of Canada and the UK at the European Court of Human Rights for violating academic freedom and free speech in universities and has exposed a covert program of surveillance and censorship in the UK and the EU that was adopted to stifle democratic debate, manufacture consent and man the ranks of governments, international organizations and civil society with sycophants, moral degenerates and social deviants.  In retaliation, the governments of Canada and the UK have arrested Kevin five times, have confiscated his intellectual and physical property and have forcibly separated him from his children, forcing him to flee Canada in order to save his life and freedom.  Most recently, Kevin has exposed the pivotal component of the New World Order, the depopulation agenda and the chemical and biological means by which governments are waging low-intensity sub-lethal warfare on their people in order to fulfill demographic objectives that favour the elites and damn the rest of mankind to intellectual and physical degradation and ultimately to genetic extinction.  Kevin has founded the People’s Protection Court and the People’s Protection Force and has drafted the OM Principles in order to provide the instruments and ethos necessary to bring down the New World Order, reinstate the rule of law, and enable the 99% to gain control of their lives and destinies.  He is the author of the bookWater, Salt, Milk: Killing Our Unborn Children and of numerous articles published by Cryptome, The Sleuth Journal, Wikispooks, The Oslo Times and other media outlets.

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